Manhattan Rickshaw joins a Game of Thrones activation in the Meat Packing District.
Game of Thrones pedicabs giving fans thrills and rides in the Meat Packing District


Pedicab advertising follows your audience unlike other forms of outdoor advertising such as billboards or bus shelters. Because of the novelty and utility of pedicabs, an outdoor advertising campaign involving pedicabs provides recognition, exposure and sustainable transportation all at once. And unlike other forms of outdoor advertising, there is of course the pedicab driver, putting a personal touch on the trip. That’s why we call it performance media.

Wrapped pedicabs featuring eye-catching die-cut artwork on a brilliant yellow full wrap vinyl for that year’s New Yorker Festival

Manhattan Rickshaw Company is an industry leader in this medium, with a proven track record. Clients include: Game of Thrones, Shark Week, Axe Body Spray, Target, the New Yorker magazine, Eddie Bauer, Kate Spade, Microsoft and Altoids. We work with clients to maximize the creative potential of these vehicles and to reach an hourly impression rate of thousands of viewers. Media placement in New York City is complicated, challenging, and rewarding for those who employ clever experiential moments.

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A Shark Week school of Shark Pedicabs rounds the corner in Chelsea

Canopy Ads use fabric printing to incorporate your brand message into a very functional part of the pedicab — the canopy. It often serves as a colorful accent on the pedicab body, which is often wrapped in a complementary color scheme.

popchips 2014 activation in Manhattan
Diane von Furstenberg campaign with gorgeously wrapped pedicabs

Wrap Ads cover the sides and rear and sometimes the entire cab body with a tightly fitted vinyl wrapping, color or Pantone-matched to your specific color. Then we apply artwork or up to four-color die cut vinyl lettering on top of the wrapping. This type of ad creates a significant presence on the street, a rolling billboard, a kinetic sculpture carrying your brand or logo. In addition, the vinyl wrap is very sturdy and stands up to rain, sun and wear and tear.

Bicycle Film Festival takes its message to three wheeled media to promote its film series.

Panel Ads are frequently vinyl panels with adhesive that we apply to the sides and rear of the pedicabs. These panels can be replaced very quickly if your message changes frequently. While dimensions may vary, frequently the rear panels are 20 inches tall by 30 inches wide, and the sides are 10 inches tall by 19 inches wide.  

Putting the branding practice into context, one can turn to: Emotional Branding: The New Paradigm for Connecting Brands to People as it discusses new marketing techniques, including the use of pedicabs as an advertising medium. It also contains photos of our vehicles! says it’s “a visionary approach to building powerful brand loyalty, this groundbreaking book shows marketers of any product or service how to engage today’s increasingly cynical consumers on deeper emotional levels.” See: