Portfolio of Services, Domain Names and Brand Names

  • Spinpitch and Spinpitch.com – a pedicab ride-arranging app years in the making. While a work in progress right now, as built, users can sign in and view the available drivers working on any given day, post ride details and wait for one, possibly two, and maybe even three different quote/replies to come back. Passengers can view details from each online driver suppling a ride quote (e.g., has a tour guide license, or speaks French fluently, distance from pickup point) and further make hiring decisions. Drivers allowed onto the app would satisfy peer review criteria such as: is a registered/ licensed pedicab driver, has a pedicab license on file with the Dept. of Consumer & Worker Protections (“DCWP”) that can be viewed separately, has a history of pricing trips transparently and honoring quoted rates and operates an insured/inspected pedicab from a business registered with DCWP.
  • Parcelmachines.com – a future line of cargo biking business activity for Manhattan Rickshaw Company
  • Crowflyers.com – an express cargo bike package/delivery service concept (hint: traveling quickly, as the crow flies)
  • ParkAvenuePedicabs.com – a future premium service concept for dedicated/branded pedicabs
  • ThreeWheelMedia.com – OOH advertising one-stop-shopping concept for your campaigns aboard three wheels
  • PedalShare.com – a bikeshare domain name registered years before the first bikeshare bikes started showing up in NYC. A potential global brand presence.