Our archive is under development, but here is an article that started it all for the owner of ManhattanRickshaw Company. Back in 1992, the pedicab operators in San Francisco were coming under some pressure by a few merchants in Fisherman’s Wharf, an area popular for tourists and for all things, shall we say, “touristic.” The pedicab owners thought they deserved a place to wait for passengers, and eventually the city agreed, and gave them space. A victory. Nice.

But this is only the beginning of another chapter of the pedicab story. We hope in the future you can trade carbon offsets for pedicab rides. Did we mention that we carried Tribeca Film Festival guests from a screening of environmental films introduced by Al Gore, of “An Inconvenient Truth” fame, to an after-screening event? [see photo above]

Enjoy the story from 1992, and more to follow…..